One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"

Rodeo Gal
Pam Sproul

September 2004

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We met Pam Sproul via the Internet before we'd ever heard of Sulphur Springs Valley. She's a thoroughly modern western woman who competes in rodeo team roping and uses her computer to great advantage daily in her real estate work. She loves her horses, her family, meeting people through her work, and her computer.

Pam was born in Texas and raised on a Colorado ranch. She started riding at age seven and has competed in rodeos for many years. In college she met Robbie Sproul, a native of Cochise County. After marrying, they settled in Cochise County and raised three children, all now grown and out on their own.

Pam's oldest, Shain, 27, and his wife, Rachel, are professional rodeo competitors. Shain competes in team roping and his wife is a barrel racer. Pam's daughter, Mandy, 22, still single and studying for her masters in Agricultural Economics Business at New Mexico State in Las Cruces, competes with Pam in team roping. Tad is 25 and married.

Pam got into real estate sales as a way to meet people. Her husband says that she'd still be out there showing properties and making friends even if she never made any money at it. She loves her work and using her computer and other technical "toys" to help people find their dream homes and investment properties.

The purchase of our new home in Pearce was facilitated by the use of the Internet. By using the Long Realty website to find properties of interest to us we saved a lot of time and money that would have been virtually wasted on multiple trips from northern California. When we finally came down we had looked at and discarded hundreds of properties online. Via email we had communicated with Pam several times to ask for more information and to describe our "ideal home" to her. We made only one trip down and looked at only two properties. We bought the second one.

Before we drove down to view the two properties, Pam took digital photos and emailed them to us when we requested specific views of various properties. Then, except for offical papers mailed to us by the title company, all our negotiations, contracts, and inspection reports, were sent back and forth between Pam and us via email attachments. Pam's saavy use of her computer and the Internet made the process of buying our new home fast and easy from almost one thousand miles away.

Pam is both a traditional western rodeo gal and a computer saavy modern businesswoman. She's also a true friend to all. Her office is located in Benson on 4th Street. Just look for the windmill on the eastern side of the street near Ocotillo Road. Her office phone number is 520-586-2300.

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