One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"

Want to Be "Healthy For Life"?
November 2005

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Jeanie Mudd is one of the bubbliest people I know. I first met her when she called months ago for advice about her laptop computer. She was thinking of getting a new computer and wanted to get my opinion. I told her to get a Dell or a Gateway. She got an Apple. I've worked with both Apples and PC's and I'm a diehard PC engineer/user.

Recently, I gave Jeanie a call and found out that she's been studying about nutrition and health. Specifically, she's been following the eating and exercise guidelines developed by Dr. Ray Strand and is feeling bubblier than ever. Now she wants to share what she's learned with others.

I borrowed a CD from Jeanie and took a look at Dr. Strand's website. The ideas are intriguing although I am not a doctor and can't vouch for any of the information.

The first step in starting to live a healthier life is to "reset" your system through a five-day eating and exercise plan. Then there are two phases during which you change your eating habits for the better.

Not everyone has a computer with which to access Dr. Strand's website so Jeanie is starting a group where we can all help one another in obtaining, understanding and implementing Dr. Strand's guidelines for living a healthy life. I am going to attend Jeanie's meeting on November 8, 7:30 pm, to find out more about her success following Dr. Strand's guidelines and using his website to log her progress.

If you want to call Jeanie to find out more her number is 826-3443.