One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"

Ralph Score - Media Wizard
November 2004

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I had lunch recently with Ralph Score, "The Media Wizard", to get a copy of the "Kermit Lee Days July 4th Commemorative Video" he produced for the combined celebration of our nation's birthday and Sunsites' anniversary. As a Trekkie (not Trekker) from way back, I was also anxious to hear about his current movie project with "Checkhov" (aka Walter Koenig).

Ralph donated his considerable movie making skills to our community and created a beautiful video tribute everyone will want to get a copy of. Living a little ways down Treasure from the Community Center, when the sun went down we sat right in our yard to watch the big video screen and the awesome fireworks display.

We had missed the softball games, horseshoe competitions and other festivities that had continued throughout the day so we were grateful we could catch the evening show. Watching the video Ralph
put together gave us the opportunity to experience some of the community spirit we missed that day. The video also introduced us to some of our neighbors - to find out if you were caught on camera you'll have to get a copy of your own. Pssst, kids - Ralph got a whole bunch of you on camera having a whole lot of fun!

Caribou Moving Pictures is developing the feature film, "In Search of Steven Spielberg", written by Walter Koenig. The movie is not a science fiction thriller or yet another installment in the Star Trek series. It is a nice, family oriented, "coming of age" movie to be directed by Stephen Furst of Animal House, Babylon 5, and Dragon Storm fame. Ralph is one of the producers of the moviewhich is in pre-production and is set to be filmed in Arizona. The producers plan to employ local Arizona talent, for both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

Ralph has been involved in the film industry since the mid-70's and has worked in just about every job behind the camera there is. He's been a producer, director, lighting director, cameraman, editor, audio engineer, and director of video services. He has received several awards for his awesome, professional work and is a member of the Arizona Production Association.

On top of all that Ralph is also an award-winning poet. He lives in the Richland Ranchettes and is a highly active member of the Sunsites-Pearce Chamber of Commerce, the Stronghold Merchants Group, and the Stronghold Area Rec. Park Association.

Thank you, Ralph, for lovingly donating your considerable talents to produce such a beautiful and inspiring film about our community.