One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"

Victoria Singer, MA
May 2006

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"Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary."
"The Rainy Day" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When a parent dies one usually expects to have some dark and dreary days, but for a number of reasons I had come to believe that the loss of my mother would be fairly easy to endure. Due to her advancing age and health problems, the day of her passing seemed near. I thought I had prepared myself for "the phone call" and knew exactly how I would react. Yet, only a few weeks after her death I realized I needed help to untangle the knot of thoughts and feelings my mother's death evoked. So I contacted Victoria Singer, a marriage and family counselor in Willcox.

Victoria is a highly intuitive and compassionate listener. She is also very open and friendly and makes you feel at ease very quickly. I found myself right at home in her presence and secure in the knowledge that anything I told her was safe with her.

Most of the time we just talk but Victoria once gave me an interesting quiz out of a book titled "Please Understand Me 2" by David Keirsey. The book was very interesting. My knee-jerk reaction to the result of the quiz was "that profile is not me" but later I did recognize elements of my personality and I liked what I saw.

Victoria doesn't make demands or set deadlines. She encourages you to make commitments to yourself. She reminds you of what you said in previous sessions to keep you on track and does so in non-threatening ways.

Victoria was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She earned her B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of LaVerne in LaVerne, California and her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling in Azusa, California. She and her husband, Dr. Richard Singer, moved to Arizona in 1991 where Victoria opened her private practice. Victoria has also worked at the Willcox School District and the Bowie School as a Certified School Counselor.