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by Laura McGaffey
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Exclusively Hers
May 2005

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While the dust blew in off the playa, parching throats and stinging eyes, I soaked up the serenity of a tropical oasis: palm trees and crashing ocean waves painted in bright colors on the walls; flying fish hanging from the ceiling; relaxing scents permeating every corner. The decor of the recently opened Exclusively Hers Women's Fitness Center is very different from any other gym I've seen. The owners, mother/daughter team, Sue and Celeste Parmelee, have designed a place for women to escape the stresses of life while gently attaining and maintaining their physical stamina.

Sue and Celeste are dedicated to offering their customers the simplest equipment to use and the widest range of services. In the main room is an 18 station circuit training layout. There are nine resistance machines and nine cardio steps and jogging mats. The low impact workout lasts 40 minutes, alternating every 40 seconds between the upper and lower body. To maintain your appropriate level of cardio output the audio system that instructs you to change stations also interrupts the workout periodically to instruct you on taking your pulse. There are charts on the wall to help you determine your target heart rate.

For those who wish to focus on a specific area of the body or get in a good dedicated cardio workout, there are also two treadmills, torso tracks, exercise balls, and a bike.

In a private room they have installed a tanning table. They have also contracted with a massage therapist to offer massages on site.

Exclusively Hers opened on November 29, 2004, in the Dunlap Plaza Shopping Center (down from Bob's IGA) in Willcox. Sue and her husband J.K. Parmelee, operated an electrical contracting company for 25 years. Celeste has been a teacher with the Willcox School District for four years. Last year she taught 3rd grade and this year she's substituting which gives her the freedom to help out at the spa. When J.K. retired Sue and Celeste decided to open the Exclusively Hers spa.

To accomodate the working woman and the busy mother Exclusively Hers opens early, at 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. From Monday through Thursday, they stay open until 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Friday. They close at noon on Saturday and are closed all day Sunday.

There are several different membership options. The basic membership for women under 50 years of age is $37.00 a month or $204.00 for six months when paid at sign up. For women 50 and over the dues is $32.00 a month or $192.00 for six months when paid at sign up. A family (one adult woman and female children under 17 years) pays one full membership for the adult and $27.00 for each child. The daily walk-in rate is $4.00. A punch card is available for those who wish to pay in advance for up to ten daily walk-ins per card - you can purchase as many cards at a time as you like. Group rates are also available.

Exclusively Hers has a particular interest in helping to defeat breast cancer. They offer breast cancer victims and survivors free use of their exercise equipment.

Upon signing up for a monthly membership you are given a free Exclusively Hers T-Shirt and shown how to use all the equipment. If you have joined as a monthly member your name is entered in the monthly drawing for a free month's dues. If you join the middle of a month your dues will be pro-rated at the start of the next month.

I hope you get a chance to drop in and see what a wonderful place Sue and Celeste are offering. Just go to the Bob's IGA shopping center and drive down to the far right end next to the real estate office.

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