One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"

The Salvail Family
March 2005

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Shared interests and activities are sure signs that a family's members are close and happy and healthy. In the Salvail family it's a love of history and a love of the earth that tie all their interests together and bind the family into a loving, supportive team.

Mother Peggy and Dad Joe were raised on farms and now live on their farm near the dairy in Kansas Settlement with their daughter Cora. Their son, Ben, is studying forestry at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and preparing for a career as a forest ranger. As children both Cora and Ben were enthusiastic Scouts and achieved the highest rankings.

Peggy, Ben and Cora are prolific poets. Cora writes under the pseudonym Lassair and has received awards for her work.

Peggy and Cora share a love of historical costume design and creation. They design and sew costumes for theatrical productions around the country. Cora received a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the American Intercontinental University in Los Angeles in 2002. Cora's primary interest is in the clothing of Medieval Europe. She has designed and sewn numerous intricate and authentic outfits for herself and her friends and enjoys attending the Renaissance Fairs held yearly in various locales around the country.

Peggy particularly enjoys making authentic recreations of American clothing from the 1800's. She modified and restored several "saloon girl" dresses which were put up for sale in Tombstone. Jim Hooper, who participates each year in the re-enactment of the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana, wears a costume created by Peggy. Peggy's creations also include a "mountain man" shirt and a priest's cassock.

The Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre in southern California hosts the longest running outdoor theatrical performance - "Ramona", a romantic drama about California in the 1800's. Peggy has worked as a costumer for the production for 15 years and Cora for 13. For further information about the production and for tickets for the upcoming performances in April, you can visit or call 800.645.4465 or 951.658.3111.

Peggy and Cora will be happy to show you some of their wonderful costumes and share their love of history with you. Just give them a call at 520.384.2282.