One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"
Sunsites-Pearce, Arizona

Taco On The Run

December 2008

Tucked between the Sunsites-Pearce Post Office and the appliance store is a new authentic restaurant offering wonderful authentic Mexican cuisine. Marisol Sutton was born and raised in La Paz, Mexico, near Cabo San Lucas. She comes from a family of restaurateurs and she learned how to cook working at the family business as a young girl. Now, she and her husband, Andy, are finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of opening a restaurant in America.

Andy Sutton was born in Idaho. While serving in the Marine Corps he was on leave in La Paz where he met Marisol. They began dating and have now been married for eleven years. They have three children and live in Dragoon.

When it comes to Mexican food, my husband sticks to ground beef, hard shell tacos and ground beef burritos. Back in the eighties he used to have lunch at an extremely popular “hole in the wall” restaurant in Redwood City, California that sold two pound burritos hof brau style. They heaped your choice of meat mixture onto a large tortilla, then as you traveled down the counter, they added all the toppings you wanted, all for one price. I bought him a ground beef burrito from Taco On The Run the other day and he said, “Finally, someone who can put together a burrito that satisfies.”

I had a Burro On The Run burrito that day and it was so large and heavy I decided to take measurements. It weighed one pound, thirteen ounces (21 ounces) and was thirteen inches long! I had also ordered a combo plate so I couldn’t eat everything at one time. I reheated the burrito for dinner and it was just as delicious as the small bite I took at lunch just to see how it tasted.

Marisol buys only the leanest, freshest beef from Food City in Willcox. She purchases much of her other supplies at Costco in Tucson. Unlike most other restaurants, she never freezes food once it has been cooked. She cooks everything fresh every morning.

They purchased a top of the line, commercial grade, brand new restaurant trailer with stainless steel fixtures from a dealer in Mississippi and then upgraded it to pass the more stringent requirements of the Arizona statutes and the Cochise County Health Department. They take a great deal of pride in the cleanliness of their operation. They also take pride in offering healthy, fresh, lean food. Preparing fifty pounds of steak for their carne asada takes approximately twelve hours because they cut off every little bit of fat and gristle. My second Burro On The Run was made with carne asada and each piece of meat was moist, easy to chew and fat free.

This month Andy and Marisol are offering a coupon for two ground beef tacos for the price of one - $ 2.25. You can cut the coupon out of this paper or you can go to their website at to print out a copy. You can find their entire menu on the website as well. They are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You can call them in advance at 520-245-0343 if you would like to have your food ready when you arrive. Remember, they are beside the Sunsites-Pearce Post Office.