One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"
Sunsites-Pearce, Arizona

Fine Art Gallery
December 2004

Nestled in an alcove of Margie's Corner Cafe on Frontage Road in Sunsites is a gallery of Southwestern fine art. Denise Eggman, an accomplished artist herself, represents local artists and craftspeople. Her gallery is filled with paintings, sculptures, photography, and textile artwork, all created by local artisans.

Denise has lived in Sulphur Springs Valley for eight years and is married to Art Eggman whose mother, Margie, is the owner of Margie's Corner Cafe. Margie's husband, Myron and Art operate Stronghold Auto Repair, located in the same complex as Margie's Corner Cafe. Margie, Myron, Denise and Art are very close.

Denise says she had met many fine artists in and around the Sulphur Springs Valley who needed a permanent gallery for displaying and selling their work. So when Margie opened her new restaurant Denise established the gallery in the alcove.

I met Denise when she asked me to have a look at her misbehaving computer. Fortunately for me, she also runs a graphic arts company so I asked her to design a new logo for High Desert Software. She not only drew up a new logo, which I absolutely adore, she designed my business cards and the ad you can see in this very newspaper.

There are several places in the Sulphur Springs Valley you will want to visit to find those one of a kind holiday gifts and Denise's fine southwestern art gallery in Margie's Corner Cafe is one you will not want to miss.