One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in the Voice in the Desert,

Apache Emporium Opens
April 2006


WOW! I’ve been buying gasoline at the Buzz Stop since Steve Polm of Apache Hardware took over and you will remember I profiled him and his family back in the October 2005 issue of The Voice in the Desert. Now his wife, Lezli has re-opened the Buzz Stop office building, behind the gas pumps, as The Apache Emporium. My jaw dropped when I finally made time to step inside.

I overheard ladies from Vancouver, Canada say they’d gone into every store they could find on their way down the coast and “finally” [Apache Emporium has] “the very kind of items” they’d been seeking and “not been able to find anywhere else”.

I can add nothing other than GET OVER THERE QUICK or at least get online ASAP and look at the photos at to see what delights Lezli has awaiting you inside that unassuming, white building behind the gas pumps.

Just a short list of items Lezli offers includes: jewelry, art, books, cards, clothing, food and snacks, local "Cohise Coffee" coffee and cold drinks, candles and soaps, baskets, dreamcatchers and suncatchers, rainsticks and rattles, puppets and stuffed animals, blankets, walking sticks, pottery, native music and “Coffee House” music is on order, mineral specimens, pocket and hunting knives, handcarved antler bone whistles.