One Small Voice
by Laura McGaffey
Articles originally published in "The Voice in the Desert"
Sunsites-Pearce, Arizona

"Oh, My Aching Back!" Gets Local Relief
April 2006

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The I don't know how I strained my back but now I get to tell you about another of the most well-loved, intelligent, kindest, skilled people around! Erika M. Slover uses E-STIM (electrical stimulation), a machine that combines electrical impulses and ultrasound, along with massage on my back.

Practicing for 20 years she received her BS in Physical Therapy from NAU, Flagstaff in 1986 and she recently completed her MA in Education. She opened Shangri-La Physical Therapy in Sunsites on Frontage Road 13 years ago. She's bought the old clinic building on Irene Street and promises to fix it up, including removing the bars from the windows! She plans to move her practice there.

The types of physical therapy Erika offers are E-STIM, massage and progressively resisted exercises. Also, a number of her patients are stroke victims whose bodies and brains are retrained in proprioception, balance and coordination.

Erica was born in Oakland, Calilfornia. She spent many childhood years in the Bay Area but others in Arizona. Her summers and Christmases were spent in Wickenburg and her grandfather owned a Fluorite mine in the Middlemarch Pass. She remembers many family trips to the mine when she was a child. Erika is a wonderful mother to her 10 year old son, Casey. Her staff, Brenda Stewart and Mary Hall love working with her.